5 Awesome Things To Do in Swindon


One of England’s hidden gems is the picturesque town of Swindon. This gorgeous and sprawling countryside tucked between Cotswolds and the North Wessex Downs in the north of Wiltshire.

Check out this list of fantastic places to visit when you visit Swindon.

Lydiard Park

Swindon is blessed with vast and verdant outdoor parks where you can take touristy photos or just feel one with nature. At Lydiard Park, you can stroll down the parkland filled with beautiful lakes, woodlands, pastures, and a restored century-old walled garden. It also has a cafe in the middle of the forest, a Georgian ice house, and an impressive manor that you can enter.

Avebury Stone Circle

Although less popular compared to the iconic Stonehenge, the Avebury Stone Circle in Swindon is equally awe-inspiring. Walk among the 600-year-old stone formations, which is said to have a spiritual representation some thousands of years ago.

Swindon Designer Outlet

If you always have shopping on your itinerary when travelling, then the industrial-style Swindon Designer Outlet will make you happy. It is lined with over 90 retail stores ranging from high-street, luxury, and both local and international brands. Aside from its industrial theme, it is also a must-see shopping destination because you can also check out the STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway here.

Richard Jefferies Museum

Visit the home of prolific Victorian writer and conservationist Richard Jefferies at Coate Water. The lovely 19th-century farmhouse has been turned into a gallery, which exhibits Jefferies works and his family’s memorabilia.

Museum of Computing

History nuts and gadget geeks will both have a brilliant time at the Museum of Computing. The former shop showcases the 75-year-old timeline of technology. It is facilitated by the Central Library on Regent Circus. In here you can find the earliest models of Apple Macs, desktop computers, laptop computers, and gaming consoles of every kind and built in perfect working condition.

Getting around Swindon

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