Brexit: will it affect your holidays?

Seaside resorts

Plagued by uncertainty

If there’s one thing most of us enjoy, it’s planning our annual escape to the sun: our holidays! With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the media hyping up the need for visas and massive queues at passport control, how will it affect our holidays? Will we ever be able to travel to Europe again? Or will we be consigned to holidays in rain-soaked British seaside resorts remembering, with nostalgia, the gloriously hot summer of 2018?

Don’t panic!

The first thing is not to panic! Holidays to Europe will still be possible whatever the outcome. We’ve always travelled to the USA, Dominican Republic and Mexico and they’re hardly in Europe.

When Brexit happens, British tourists will still holiday in Europe. After all, tourism accounts for employment and revenue for many Mediterranean countries and resorts. No one wants to say farewell to that! Nor would anyone in Europe wish to make any new procedures so complicated as to make the British holidaymaker look elsewhere. That’s simple economic common sense.

The immediate future

With a Brexit impasse stretching from now to Halloween and a no deal exit seemingly off the table, where does that leave your planning? Actually, it means you can plan and book for summer with some confidence.

If the UK leaves before October 31st, it will be with a deal. This gives us a two-year transition when nothing changes. Effectively, all EU rules still apply to travel, giving us freedom of movement.

2021 is more of a landmark date when it comes to Brexit and changes to travel. Even then the EU has promised there’ll be no need for visas for short, holiday type visits if the UK reciprocates. In 2021, with Brexit, the EHIC health card will cease to work, so travel insurance is a must. However, travel insurance should always be a must for any type of holiday.

We all work hard and deserve our holidays in the sunshine. Therefore, irrespective of the politicians’ wrangling, go ahead and book your summer in the sun!