Places to Visit in Wiltshire This Summer

Sunrise at Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Wiltshire is a county in South West England characterised by its high downland as well as its wide valleys and is generally known for its pre-Roman archaeology. Whether you are travelling alone to feed your wanderer soul or looking for exciting activities to enjoy with the whole family on your holiday, you would be surprised by just how much there is to do and see over the summer holidays whilst on a visit to Wiltshire.

Here, we gathered some of the most popular places you should definitely see when visiting Wiltshire:

Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Stonehenge is one of the most famous groups of megaliths in the world and its construction dates to somewhere in the 3000-2000 BC range. Spend some time admiring the breathtaking monument and its surrounding area to see for yourself why this site is considered the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle worldwide.

STEAM Museum

Explore the museum and discover how the Great Western Railway was built as well as the story of the men and women who travelled and operated the railway. Apart from indulging your eyes to the famous locomotives displayed, you could also ‘drive’ their train simulator and experience working the signals in their interactive GWR signal box.


Avebury is considered the largest stone circle in the world located not far from the more famous Stonehenge. After different preservation and excavation efforts, there are only around 76 standing stones today yet a handful more are thought to still be buried. Although it is still unclear whatever was truly worshipped by the stones’ neolithic builders, the Avebury circles continue to be a popular and fascinating site for many tourists and neopagans alike.


A couple of miles away from the Stonehenge monument, Woodhenge was accidentally discovered in 1925 by archaeologists examining a wheat field near Amesbury, England through aerial photography. The site is now protected by English Heritage but still open to the public.

Longleat House

Completed in 1580, Longleat House can transport you back in time with its remarkable high Elizabethan architecture and Capability Brown landscaped grounds surrounding it.

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