Has the snow made you dream of warmer climes?

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First the Beast from the East, then the rain from the… well, the Atlantic – it’s remorseless. When will British Summer Time deliver? Fear not, though. We can whisk you off to an airport at a moment’s notice.

So, where to go? Where, this Spring, is popular out of Heathrow?


April highs 27C; sunshine hours 11.

Fly to Cairo for one of the Wonders of the World. The stunning pyramids and the sphinx on the outer fringes of the city and the start of the desert, in Giza. Unmissable and unforgettable. Cairo itself is stack full of majestic mosques and the Egyptian Museum housing the treasures of Tutankhamen.

Alternatively, choose to fly to Luxor, further south. The temples of Luxor and Karnak and the markets are the city’s draw, while just outside is the Valley of the Kings, the royal burial ground of the pharaohs.

Factor in also a felucca boat trip down the Nile.


April highs 20C; sunshine hours 7

Tenerife enjoys one of the most perfect climates on the planet. Sun all year round and sparse rainfall. Famed for its black, volcanic sand beaches, less known perhaps for its soaring mountains (snow-capped in the case of the 3,700m Mount Teide), volcanoes, its forests, deserts even. And its exotic animal and plant life.

Take a cruise on a ferry or jetfoil from the bustling capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. And visit the picturesque towns of Garachico, La Orotava and Masca.


April highs 20C; sunshine hours 8.5.

The Maltese islands are said to be the ‘open air museum of the Mediterranean’, offering 7,000 years or more of history to explore with numerous unique cultural and historical sites. And there’s life in abundance in the fiestas and especially the major carnival in spring in Malta and its smaller sister island, Gozo. And the restaurants and cafes of the wonderfully Baroque capital, Veletta. Beautiful sandy beaches wedged between rock outcrops appeal too.


April highs 33C; sunshine hours 10.

If you’re looking for somewhere further afield with guaranteed sunshine and a shopping spree thrown in, there is Dubai. World-class hotels, the finest international cuisine, shopping plazas and sports facilities are what you will get in abundance. But also the traditional in the souks and the mosques. You can choose to head out of the city and overnight in a Bedouin tent under the desert star canopy, driving out or camel trekking to oases. Or to unwind on unspoiled beaches. The contrast between modern and traditional is always enchanting.

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