Top Qualifications You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Private Car Service

Private Car Service

A personal chauffeur’s primary duty is to transport the passengers and employees to and from their destinations in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner. Meeting those goals entails additional tasks, knowledge, responsibilities and attention to detail. These personal chauffeurs may work for individuals, a limousine agency, employed directly by corporations and may use their own vehicles or employers.

The appropriate chauffeur’s licenseM

Depending on the county, a chauffeur is required to hold a special class of license. They may also have to meet minimum age and driving experience requirements. Any reputable company will be happy to show you proof of their drivers’ qualifications.

A clean driving record

A chauffeur is responsible for ensuring the safety of all passengers and that begins with a clean driving record. You may ask your hire company about its policy regarding drivers records.

Adequate training

A perfect driving record, the right license and a sharp looking uniform are a good start but a great chauffeur will also be fully and professionally trained. Ask if he/she has completed a defensive driving course.


A chauffeur should always arrive 10-15 minutes early. Your chauffeur should map out all routes ahead of time, taking into account any weather or road related delays and planning alternate routes if necessary.


A chauffeur is privy to all sorts of moments in people’s professional and personal lives and sometimes the privacy screen may not be raised all the way up. But an excellent chauffeur practices decorum, discretion, and confidentiality at all times.

Firsthand knowledge of the area

GPS devices are widely popular and available nowadays, but nothing can replace a good sense of direction. Your personal driver should have firsthand knowledge of the location or the area where you’ll be riding and should stay on top of any major road construction or other events that may impact your journey. You are paying a premium for this service, so you should sit back and just enjoy the ride, do not worry about directions and sit back.

People skills

A chauffeur should provide excellent customer service and should enjoy interacting with people. A chauffeur should be polite, pleasant and know when to make conversation with passengers.

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